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Historical Highlights

  • David City Assumption (Appleton) was originally established in 1877 as St. Mary Church in Appleton. It was the third Catholic Church built by the Czechs south of the Platte River.

  • A severe windstorm destroyed the Church in 1890.  A new larger Church was built and dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1891.

  • In 1922 a rectory was built.  Since 1969 Assumption Parish has been a mission of St. Mary’s David City.


History of Assumption Appleton Parish Settlement & Progress

The History of Assumption-Appleton dates back to 1873 when settlers came from Moravia. The settlers were the founders of the parish and a church was built in 1877. The people endured many setbacks such as snowstorms and grasshoppers damaging crops and pastures to name a few. Animals had to be slaughtered due to feed shortage. Then in 1888 the Great Blizzard arrived and settlers suffered great losses in lives and property.

     In 1890, a severe windstorm damaged the church, and it was torn down. The parishioners decided to build a new, larger church in a more central location where it stands to this day. The church costs $2000.00 at that time, and was dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Remains from the first cemetery were removed to the present site. In 1909, the church was damaged when another windstorm moved it off the foundation and damaged the floor inside. 

     Mass was celebrated once a month from 1891 to 1897. During this time, Assumption remained a mission church served by wonderful and brace priests. They traveled from surrounding parishes by horse and buggy. A priest from Abie and Bruno served Assumption from 1897 until 1921. Then a delegation of parishioners appealed to Bishop Charles O'Reilly for permission to build a rectory. The bishop promised the people a resident priest if they would build the rectory. It was built in 1922 for under $4000.00. In the spring of 1923, Rev. Frantisek Cerny became the first resident pastor. Now the parish is a mission of St. Mary's, David City under the supervision of Rev. Brian Connor.

     The Assumption Appleton parishioners have celebrated several milestones. During those times many improvements and restorations have been done. A major renovation of the church interior including restoring high altars, refinishing the pews, and an addition of a bathroom and reception area was completed in time for the parish's 125th anniversary in 2002.

     We are a community with unity for 139 years. We are truly grateful because it is "All for the Honor and Glory of God." 

PCCW Activities & Officers 

  • The PCCW is involved in Catholic Social Services collections of food, the LDCCW Annual Diaper Drive, and supports St. Gianna’s House.

  • They help make baby quilts for Birthright and CSS, hold an Advent Baby Shower for Birthright.

  • They play Bingo at the nursing homes in David City, help with the annual Soup Supper, and host coffee and rolls.​



Altar Society/PCCW
Parish Council

Assumption Parish Council 

Jerome Andel

Kevin Andel

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