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St. Mary's Bulletin Content Submissions

The Parish Bulletin is published weekly in paper copy as well as in full color and placed on our Homepage of our Website. The bulletin includes information on the spiritual and social happenings in the Parish, as well as news from our various ministries &  Deanery events. 

We welcome submissions to the weekly bulletin. All copy and material is due by 2:00pm on Wednesdays, preferably in electronic format. Original documents should be submitted as Word files and not converted to PDFs. The Bulletin Editor may edit submissions for content, clarity, and/or size.

Please E-mail your submission to:

  • What is Perpetual Adoration?
    Perpetual Adoration involves someone visiting our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament for one hour a week, 24 hours a day. By each person committing to offer just one hour a week, we have a Perpetual Adoration vigil so that our Blessed Lord is never alone any hour of the day. Spending time before the Blessed Sacrament in prayer and devotion is exactly the same as spending time before the living God. There He humbly awaits our visit where He prepares graces for us hour by hour.
  • What are the benefits and results of Perpetual Adoration?
    A. A deeper meditative awareness of Christ's true presence in the Eucharist. B. Healing of your body and soul. C. A deeper awareness of Christ’s Holy Spirit’s abiding presence in you and every phase of your life. D. Improved prayer life, deeper faith, and inner peace. Who promotes Perpetual Adoration? EVERYONE!


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