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Dear Assumption Parishioners,
At the end of December, the parish council held a meeting to discuss our options for the annual soup supper. The Council decided it was in the best interest of the parish to cancel our upcoming
soup supper due to COVID-19. Some of the factors that led to our decision included: unknown number of parishioners willing to work, unknown number of meals to be sold, accommodating social distancing and having fixed costs such as renting the auditorium with an unknown income. Last year, our parish made nearly $6,000 from the soup supper. In light of the cancelation of the soup supper this year, we are reaching out to you, asking for a direct donation to help us recoup the loss of that $6,000 in this year’s budget. In-lieu of the soup supper this year, we are asking each household to donate $200. These funds are essential for our parish to cover its expenses such as our assessments to Catholic education and our operational expenses. Consider how much time and treasure you invest in the soup supper, such as purchasing meal tickets, raffle tickets, silent auction items, bake sale items, cake walk paddles, in addition to the donations you make
on the day of the soup supper. Also consider your time and talent involved in the direct preparation and set up, making soups, working the day of the soup supper, and cleaning up. Please reflect on this and donate what your family can afford. If you can donate more, we would
appreciate it. If $200 is too much, please donate what you can, or spread it out over multiple contributions. We are asking that, in the month of January or February, you would submit your donation in an
envelope labeled “In Lieu of Soup Supper”. Donations can be put in the collection basket, given to any parish council member, or dropped off at the rectory. We look forward to having our
annual soup supper resume in January 2022. On a different note, in November we had a parish meeting to discuss the roof of the church. The people who spoke out were in favor of hiring out someone to repaint the roof. However, the Council has come up with 6 men who are willing to repaint the roof. This will save the parish
roughly $17,000. Due to the men who have volunteered, and the tremendous savings involved, the council has decided to repair the roof on our own instead of hiring it out. We offer a big thank you to those who have come forward to offer their time and labor to this project. We will seek donations to cover the expense of approximately $3,000 later this Spring. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to a parish council member.
The Parish Council
Fr. Buhman, Chuck Andel, Evan Kovar, Jerome Andel, Nicole Sylvester, Lori Focher, and
Katrina Sabata